Muggo Qi


Muggo Qi – Coffee Mood at all the times

✔️ Keep coffee at 55℃ always, 

✔️ Fast charging for cellphone wirelessly, 

✔️ Automatically turn on and off

Has life begun after coffee?

Self Heating Mug

it’s designed to stay at 55 degrees celcius at all times. you won’t have to worry about it being too hot to the touch.

Use Everywhere

The fully automatic heating system in the base of the mug is designed to keep any warm liquid hot for an extra hour. The Muggo Qi temperature control coffee mug comes with a USBC matching coaster and can be connected to your laptop.

24 Watt Mug Warmer

Built-in induction switch, just place your mug on it, it will automatically turn on, no need to turn it on/off manually. Muggo Qi Cup use the ultimate and fastest 24w technology to heat your coffee in a minute.





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