Our Story

Bruno and Julien, fellow MBA students in international business, unexpectedly cross paths. Julien returns from Japan, showcases his innovative designs to Bruno. They envision bringing high-tech products to Europe, giving birth to the concept of Oui Smart.
Launch of the Oui Watch. Beginnings of the product innovation vision.
Success of Moovy Bag backpack. Funded through Kickstarter and Indiegogo.
Muggo Travel Mug was one of the fastest funded project on Indiegogo within 24 hours
Moovy Go : Wireless charging hub with sleek design. Great international success on Kickstarter and Makuake for Japanese market
Oui Smart becomes part of French Tech
Oui Smart shines across 20+ countries and keep innovating on these 3 brands


Working with us is a seamless experience, from our strict product sourcing guidelines right through to our mission statement. We are with you every step of the way.

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Our Team

Meet the people who are dedicated to supply you with the finest quality of high-tech products. They are located across our offices in Paris, Shenzhen (China), Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Our Story

As fellow MBA students in international business and retail expertise, Bruno and Julien accidentally met again. Julien had returned from Japan and shown Bruno his innovative design of devices that they couldn’t find anywhere else in Europe. They see an opportunity to introduce high-tech products to as many people as possible, and so a company was born.

Oui Smart started with the Oui Watch, then expanded to some innovative charging cables and a range of cell phone accessories with Oui Power. We then produced the Moovybag workstation backpack, Moovygo, Lenso Space mini projector, and Muggo travel mug – all of which was funded through Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns.

Today, high-tech product innovation continues to reach more customers. With high-quality design and production, we sell the products to more than 20 countries and are expanding.

Our Customers

Our Mission

Understanding Challenges: Oui Smart acknowledges the complexity of creating robust high-tech products tailored to the current market’s lifestyle.

Commitment to Quality: The company ensures that the products offered are of high quality for customers, in terms of functionality and durability.

Comprehensive Management: Oui Smart takes care of the entire process, from design to manufacturing of products.

High-Quality Products: They are committed to providing gadgets of the highest quality to make customers’ lives smarter and stress-free.

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Our Brands

This innovation is being led by our 8 key brands.

📽️ High-Quality Projectors: Immersive cinematic experience.
🚀 Continuous Innovation in DLPand LCD technology projectors.
🔌 Innovative Accessories: Optimize your projector use.


🔥 Smart Heating Mug: Perfect hot drink.
📱 Integrated Phone Charging: Recharge by placing on base.
🦠 UV Bottles: Fresh, clean drinks, eliminate bacteria.

🔋 Qi Solutions: Wireless charging and portability.
🖥️ Ergonomic Stands: Improve posture and productivity.
🌟 Modern Design: Seamless integration and portability.


🏋️‍♂️ Strengthen Muscles: Solutions for all goals.
💪 Maximize Performance: Achieve your athletic targets.
🌿 Relaxation and Recovery: Products for quick recovery.

⚡️ Power and Performance: Reliable solutions for devices.
🔌 Innovative Design: Enhanced user experience.
🚀 Optimize Posture and Productivity: Products for your workspace.


🌟 Unique Designs: RGB equipment for computers.
🌈 Connected RGB Lamps: Customizable lighting experience.
🎮 RGB Equipment for Gamers: Immersive and adaptable experience.
🌟 Modern Design: Elegant LED lamps and lights.
💡 LED Technology: Energy-efficient, long-lasting.
🏠 Wide Selection: Variety of styles for interiors.
🦟 Attracts, sucks in, and zaps mosquitoes: Highly effective.
🌐 Covers a large area: Suitable for extensive spaces.
🍃 Environmentally friendly: Eco-conscious design.
X-Time keeps tracking all your active lifestyle from step tracker, calorie burnt, sleep recording, and many more.
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