✓ Various Massage Modes and Power Levels

✓ Material of Stainless Steel Electrodes Sheets with PI Heating Sheets

✓ Hot Compress For Total Comfort

Better Design with Better Function

Massneck Pro is a foldable neck therapy device that can improve blood flow and help to relieve neck tensions. This pro version is made of stainless steel electrode sheets and PI heating sheets. It’s also controlled by a micro-computer chip making this type smarter and better for your neck.

Choose Your Therapy

Your neck may feel different every day. Massneck Pro has five massage modes and 15 intensity levels. It uses acupuncture and moxibustion (the transmission of heat through the skin), pressure massage, and electric pulse to help you relieve the tension in your neck. Listen to your body and adjust to its needs because your neck deserves great comfort.

Heating Massage Function

Massneck Pro using micro-current stimulation and heat pressures (up to 42 degrees). The hot pressure can increase the temperature of the neck’s area and stimulate blood circulation. Combine with microcurrent stimulation for maximum comfort to relax your neck muscles and relieve the tension.





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