Enjoy your entertainment the way you were always meant to: on a BIG, BRIGHT screen with a projector that doesn’t even take up the space your phone does on your desk. Lenso was born out of the issue of having to lug around a huge projector everywhere, yet still lacking in quality of an High Resolution screen. With these portable mini pocket projectors by Lenso, those challenges now become a thing of the past. Bring it with you on any trip, whether business or pleasure and enlarge your entertainment.


LENSO SPACE – A Cinema In The Palm Of Your Hand

Embark on an immersive media viewing experience with the Lenso Spaceship 4K & 1080p Projector. With Lenso, you can connect wirelessly to different devices or directly via HDMI or USB, making it universally viewable, shareable, portable, and all the more powerful.

Set up a truly cinematic experience anywhere thanks to the Mini Projector’s crystal clear 4K and 1080P resolution videos up to 120″ across. With a 200 ANSI lumen bulb, you’ll enjoy an HD viewing experience in stunning clarity and superior picture brightness, whether it’s day or night. Plus, Lenso’s built-in Hi-Fi speakers eliminate any need for portable audio devices to enjoy your favorite movies, shows, and music on the go.

Using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, Lenso can cast anything from any of your devices onto any surface. It also features a 32gb built-in memory so you can download and stream your media even when you’re offline.


LENSO VISION – The Thinnest USB-C Monitor

Slim, lightweight, touchscreen. Lenso Vision is a super portable monitor to double your productivity!

Lenso Vision is the perfect on-the-go external touchscreen monitor that are compatible with your laptop or your Android phone. 


LENSO CUBE – Smallest HD Projector

Despite its small stature, the Lenso Cube packs one heck of a punch. This little projector could replace many of your current media devices. Equipped with wireless compatibility, it’s never been a better time to sit back and relax.