Oui Power is a brand of new accessories that will facilitate the charging of modern devices including charging cable, cellphone case and smart items.


OUI POWER USBC – Magsafe Magnetic Adapter For Macbook Pro USB C

The Magnetic USB C Charging Cable with strong magnetic, magnet and charge within a second, no need to worry about disconnecting or dropping off in charging. Also, the connector can be used as Anti-dust plug to protect your device’s type c port, reducing abrasion during inserting or plugging out.

The Type-C Magnet Cable supports power charging up to 87W, full charge your MacBook in 90 minutes. It is absolutely high quality and high efficiency. 


OUI POWER 3IN1 – Magnetic Charging Cable For Apple Lightning, Micro USB & USB-Type C

3 connectors to fit all 3 types of main connectors today for all mobile phones, tablets and USB devices: Micro USB, Apple Lightning and USB-C.

Innovative double-sided USB port simplifies the connection for the usb cable; Plug and unplug easily without checking for the connector orientation.