Muggo Qi – Grande Edition


✔️ Bigger size: 380ml

✔️ 24W Mug Warmer

✔️ Multi-Function Coaster

Keep Your Drink Hot

This mug is designed to keep your drink at the perfect temperature at all times. The self-heating feature allows you to enjoy your drink at 130°F/55°C from the first sip to the last.

Place and Drink

Mugo Qi’s self-heating function is controlled by a built-in induction switch. When you place your mug on the coaster, the heating system will switch on automatically. This mug uses the most advanced and fastest 24W technology to heat your favorite drinks, allowing you to enjoy them warm all day.

Power Yourself and Your Phone

A smart coaster is made with efficiency in mind. With its 2in1 function allows it to warm your drink or charge your phone. With USB-C support, your drink will be hot in 1 minute and your phone will charge faster than you think.





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