Massforce Pro Adjustable Kettlebell


The ideal fitness equipment that gives you a stronger grip for a better swing, helping you to build muscles and strength faster

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All for One Kettlebell

Maximize your workout with just one kettlebell. It features 6 adjustable plates for weight variation, enabling smooth transitions between exercises like swings and snatches. The kettlebell ranges from 2kg to 18kg, offering versatility for a variety of exercises.

Get Your Strength With a Firm Grip

This round kettlebell serves as a resistance weight for effective home strength training. The adjustable feature ensures efficient and practical movement. With its loop-shaped handle, the iron kettlebell provides a strong grip and is ideal for building upper and lower body strength.

Perfect for All Levels

The kettlebell is popular among beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts due to its versatility. Start with lower weights and advance to more challenging exercises as you gain strength. It’s easy to adjust and grip, suitable for both beginners and advanced users.
  • Product size: 20*23.5*27 cm
  • Weight: 18.4 kg (40.5 lbs)
  • Color: Black
  • 1 unit handle
  • 2 units weight A: 2.1 kg
  • 2 units weight B: 2.5kg
  • 2 units weight C: 2.7kg
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Massforce Pro Adjustable Kettlebell

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