LENSO SPACE, Ultimate Portable Mini Projector
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MUGGO CUP, keeping your coffee warm until it’s gone
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MOOVY BAG, Revolutionary charging Backpack
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MOOVY HUB - The Fastest Most Feature - Packed USB-C Hub
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MOOVY BOTTLE, Simply touch the cap
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Muggo - Enjoy your coffee or tea at your perfect temperature with the touch of your finger.

Lenso - the most compact pocket projector and screen monitor. Bring it with you on any trip and enlarge your entertainment.

Moovy Hub - the 12-in-1 wireless charging USB-C Hub for your Macbook

Moovy Bag - the ultimate mobile work station backpack

Moovy Go - a stylish brand of tecky accessories for daily use on the go.

Our Philosophy

At Oui Smart, we don’t re-invent the wheel. Oui are the wheel. We create products to make our customers’ lives simpler, while providing the superior quality and functionality that of a Swiss Army Knife. We are committed to designing products which identify problem that current nomad devices in the consumer electronics space are just not cutting it.



Oui Smart creates products which make the world smarter and more connected place.  We bring our depth of knowledge to bear to create the most effective solutions.

From paper to prototype, From Oui Watch to Muggo, from Moovygo to Lenso, we design something we are proud to take to market. 


Oui Smart and our Tech startups partners with proprietary technology and designs create together cultural trends and disruptive physical products like the Moovy Bag for the backpack consumer market.

Our team who shares the same passion for technology and  design, keep innovating with manufacturing in mind.


Oui Smart began life with the Oui Watch, then some innovative charging Cables and number of cellphone accessories with Oui Power then released a workstation backpack Moovybag and Muggo, a traveled coffee mug.

The Moovy Hub station  was coming next and right before the nomad mini Projector Lenso.

A series of innovative devices are completing our Brands Muggo, Lenso and Moovy.