Muggo Cup


Sip Happens In A Smart Mug

✔️ Smart Sliding Gesture Control Temperature

✔️ LED Light Indicator Of Battery Life 

✔️ Advanced Battery Life That Stays Longer

Hot Coffee at All Times

Enjoy coffee at the most perfect temperature within 45-62.5℃. Pick up your temperature on the smart coffee cup with a sliding gesture on the Muggo Cup coaster. Simply keep your coffee or tea hot at home or office.

Ready to Drink Indicator

Temperature control mug of Muggo Cup lets you set an exact drinking temperature, so it is never too hot or too cold to enjoy. With built-in LED indicator light that notifies you when the right time to drink. That will never be over-charging as Muggo Cup intelligently senses when to turn off with auto sleep.

Advanced Battery Life

Designed in 10 oz or 320 mL, a heated coffee mug will stay lasting up to 90 minutes all day when placed on a charging coaster. Ready to drink on the go with your hot espresso.





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