✅  6 hours of cold relief, 

✅  360° free rolling motion,

✅  Reduces the possibility of clogging skin-pores

Massphere™ – Cold Massage Roller, now the cold never bothered me anyway

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Cold therapy your muscle needs

Relieve muscle soreness while also reducing tension, knots, and stress. This cold massage roller can also help reduce inflammation and increase blood flow. The cold treatment you need for full body recovery.

Easy and effective

This therapy combines a stainless steel ball with cold compression. For the best result, refrigerate the ball for 2 hours before you can enjoy the cold therapy for up to 6 hours. You can use it as part of your daily routines, from before and after a workout to beauty treatments.

Cold rolling motion

The 360° rolling motion allows the ball to target your specific muscle area. A rubber layer covers the top of the handle giving a firm grip and easy control.
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