Muggo Bottle


✔️ Drinking Alarm to Stay Hydrated

✔️ Temperature Beverage Check

✔️ Stay Hot and Cold 24-hours

Innovation of Water Bottle

LCD touchscreen on the bottle lid. A single touch on the screen will show you the temperature of beverage you have. No need for a thermometer to dye.

Hydration Bottle

A smart bottle keeps you hydrated with an adjustable drinking alarm. Set the time you need to drink frequently, alerts with beeps will remind you to drink. Set a reminder 30 minutes up to 2 hours beep beep!

Smart Water Bottle

Integrated technology with no mobile application needed. This shows you beverage expiry indicator after 8 hours of inertia at the first single tap on the screen. A red circle marked with a flashing “X” will be shown.





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