MASSFIT™ Abdominal Belt


Get ready for your flatten-belly, easily. 

✅  Quicker and effective post-pregnancy recovery,

✅  Help deal with pain in the abdomen region,

✅  Aids in toning the abdominal muscles

MASSFIT™ embraces you

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A Portable Abs Toner

The abs toner stimulates abdominal muscle growth using electric pulses. It has wings for biceps, triceps, back, or squats. It’s a portable, invisible belt worn under your shirt. Tone your abs while doing housework, watching TV, or even in a work meeting.

Growing Big with Small Pain

Massfit utilizes EMS and TENS systems. EMS stimulates muscles to contract, while TENS relieves pain by stimulating nerves. Electrodes are placed on the skin using gel pads. This technology promotes muscle growth and pain relief.

Gel pads

Massfit includes adhesive gel pads for skin attachment. These pads stimulate muscles with electrical stimulation, starting with tingling and progressing to pulling sensations. Skin irritation may occur but usually resolves in 1 to 2 days with moisturizer.
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MASSFIT™ Abdominal Belt

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