A ball ain’t only a ball anymore

✅  Small size and lightweight

✅  4 vibration levels fit muscle depth 

✅  High quality of grip material 

MASSBALL™ Vibrating Massage Ball – your therapy on-the-go.

As Small As Your Fist

This is well-designed for you ready to go. Massball by Massforce is lightweight and compact in 5 inch, a vibrating massage ball to reach the smallest muscle. Easy and quick charge with USB cable, convenient to use anytime and anywhere for relieving your back, hips, legs, arms, waist, and feet. Runs for 3 hours minimum on rechargeable batteries.

Therapy On-The-Go

Massball promotes therapy on-the-go by the feature of wireless operation with long-lasting battery power. Power charge at once, relax sooner and longer.

4 Vibration Levels

Smart vibration therapy of massage roller ball delivers pinpointed pressure and vibration to focused areas for reduced tension and improved movement. Enhance your pre-workout and recovery system with 4 vibrating pulsating modes. Those are Low, Medium, Pulsating, and High Vibration Modes for your options.





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