Moovy Bottle


✔️ Easy Clean Water Bottle To Stay Away From Trapped Bacteria 

✔️ Get Rid Of Unwanted Smell 

✔️ Stay Hot And Cold All Day

Improve Healthy Drinking Habit

Bring your water drinking habit that is healthy to the next level with Moovy Bottle. A vacuum insulated bottle is safe to keep in your water. Fill this up with protein powder or pre-workout from the middle opener. The middle opener lets you bring in ice cubes for instance.

Get Rid of Bad Smell

Check out your previous water bottle, is it still good as new? It is hard to clean away that unwanted smell of a water bottle. Moovy Bottle is crafted with a middle opener that lets you reach the deepest bottom with easy-to-clean functionality. BPA-free makes you safe.

Stay Hydrated Safely

No more germs or bacteria that are trapped in your bottle. Stay hydrated with your easy clean water bottle that is textured inside and out with antibacterial material. Reach out to every curve of the bottle to make it clean and safe.





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