✓ Heating Head With Constant Power And Temperature

✓ The Quietest Massager But Powerful

✓ Super Long Lasting Battery

Heating Head giving The Best Warm-Up

The Massgun Heat can help you recover faster with better comfort. The heating head helps to release the lactic acid from muscles. The 48-degree heat function breaks up lactic acid buildup to relieve muscle tension. The source of power and heat comes from the head itself, making your skin gets constant warmth. You can now feel, recover, and move better.

Works Quieter than A Whisper

Mass gun Heat is one of the quietest on the market. The decibel level is less than 48dB with a noiseless motor beating at 3,200 pulses per minute. Optimize your recovery from a gym or anywhere you are without worrying about the sound.

Adjustable Speeds and Intensities

Massgun Heat helps you to care for your body right. It has 20 adjustable speed levels that you can choose depending on what your body needs. Control the intensity levels easily with the sensitive touch screen.





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