MASSROLL™ Expandable Foam Roller


✅  Decrease muscle stiffness, 

✅  Breaks up adhesions,

Scar tissues that stop your muscles from functioning properly

by rolling MASSROLL™ Expandable Foam Roller.

Do it right and do it often.

Recover Muscle Faster

After an intense workout exercise, or even moderate physical activity, muscle soreness can set in, causing us to avoid more activity for days or even weeks. Using a MASSROLL™ foam roller for instance, you may be able to reduce the time that your sore muscles need to recover, helping you get back to the activities you love. Whether you are involved in distance running or simply walk in the park, foam rolling could reduce muscle soreness and help you stay active.

Full Body Support

MASSROLL™ provides powerful myofascial release, getting deep into muscle tightness, adhesions, and trigger points. You can roll out even the largest muscle groups like quads, back, and hamstrings. It has been tested repeatedly after the strong pressure will not be deformed. Regular use may help to facilitate post-workout recovery, prevent injuries, and assist greatly with injury rehabilitation

More Impactful Workout

An ideal foam roller for reducing soreness and discomfort in your back, legs, neck, and shoulder. Deliver the most powerful, efficient full-body foam rolling experience. MASSROLL™ is a versatile way to meet your body needs, providing a smooth, quiet roll with just the right amount of pressure.




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