Aluminum devises holder

✓ Adjustable height and angle for smartphone and tablet

✓ Non-slip silicone with anti-scratch glue

✓ Stable upgraded

It’s simple, whats you need more?

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Adjustable Height and Angle for Smartphone and Tablet

The OUI Power Tablet Headset Holder offers adjustable height and angle capabilities, allowing you to easily position and view your smartphone or tablet at a comfortable and optimal angle. It accommodates a wide range of devices, providing versatile support for your devices.

Non-slip Silicone with Anti-scratch Glue

The holder features a non-slip silicone surface with anti-scratch glue, ensuring a secure grip for your devices without causing any damage. It provides stability and protects your smartphone or tablet from slipping or getting scratched while being held in place.

Stable Upgraded Design

The OUI Power Tablet Headset Holder is designed with stability in mind. Its stable upgraded design ensures that your smartphone or tablet remains steady and secure while in use, preventing any wobbling or potential accidents. You can trust that your device will be held in a stable position throughout your activities.
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