✅ Modern Design of Laptop Stand
✅ Re-attachable Adhesive
✅ Leave No Residue

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One Fly Away

Unlike other beefy and weighty laptop accessories on the market, this is just a single flip as lean as a coin. The single agenda is to attach the Oui Power Shield Laptop Stand to the bottom of your laptop, perfectly fit to your Macbook stand. Get ready to transform your laptop into a desktop or workstation anywhere to work remotely.

Everlasting Laptop Accessories

Timeless design of laptop accessories attached on the edge of your gadgets. That is black and silver crafted in zinc alloy. Universal for women and men, never looks oldish.

Healthy Move

Skip the muscle soreness and stiffness by having the proper screen positioning and inclined keyboard of the laptop. You will have NO more neck and shoulder diminished comfort because of crouching position for too long.
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