Lenso Screen


What comes along with a great projector?

✓ Portable foldable projector screen

✓ Light resistant screen

✓ A big HD screen

This is the right time for your living room to have a big folded HD screen. Easy to carry, easy to store.

Metal composite optical coating. 84inch, 16:9 ratio, size: 1.86m x 1.05m

No fear of ambient light. Total clear and bright. 4K anti-light curtain, color reduction.

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Easy to Carry and Store

The portable foldable projector screen offers excellent portability, allowing you to carry and store it effortlessly. It’s designed with convenience in mind, making it ideal for various settings and occasions.

Light Resistant Screen for Clear Projection

The light-resistant screen ensures a clear and bright projection even in the presence of ambient light. It provides a visually immersive experience with its big HD screen and 4K anti-light curtain, allowing you to enjoy your content with enhanced color accuracy and reduction.

16:9 Ratio for Clear and Comfortable Viewing

With its 16:9 ratio and size of 1.86m x 1.05m (84 inches), the projector screen offers a wide and comfortable viewing experience. It enables you to see your content clearly and enjoy it comfortably, whether it’s for movies, presentations, or other multimedia purposes.
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Lenso Screen

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