Power Cable To Charge Your Lenso Via Powerbank


  • Equipped with Jack 4.00mm x 1.7mm
  • USB Input: 5V Male connector and DC Output: 12.0V
  • Length: 1.5M/5ft

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Compatible with Multiple Lenso Projector Models

This power cable is specifically designed to be compatible with Lenso Space², Lenso Cube², and Lenso SEE projectors, ensuring a seamless and reliable power connection for these models.

Convenient Power Options

With a Jack 4.00mm x 1.7mm connector, this power cable allows you to connect your Lenso projector to a minimum 12W power source, providing versatile power options that suit your needs.

Simple and Lengthy Connection

The power cable comes with a USB input (5V male connector) and a DC output (12.0V), providing a straightforward and reliable connection between your Lenso projector and the power source. With a length of 1.5 meters (5 feet), it offers ample reach for convenient setup.
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Power Cable To Charge Your Lenso Via Powerbank

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