Smart Strip Lights


New technology comes to your lights

✓ App and voice-controlled

✓ Waterproof Color changing LED strips

✓ Time and schedule settings

It’s smarter than you think 

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App and Voice-Controlled Lighting

With app and voice control capabilities, the waterproof color changing LED strips offer convenient control options. You can easily adjust the lighting colors, brightness, and effects using a smartphone app or compatible voice assistants, adding convenience and ease to your lighting experience.

Waterproof Color Changing LED Strips

The LED strips are waterproof and capable of changing colors, allowing you to create vibrant and dynamic lighting effects in any environment. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, these strips provide versatility in illuminating spaces and setting the desired ambiance.

Time and Schedule Settings

The LED strips offer time and schedule settings, allowing you to customize when the lights turn on or off. You can program specific lighting schedules to suit your preferences, automate lighting for specific events, or create a desired atmosphere at different times of the day. This feature adds convenience and automation to your lighting control.

5 Meters/10 Meters

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Smart Strip Lights

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