Smart Strip Lights


New technology comes to your lights

✓ App and voice-controlled

✓ Waterproof Color changing LED strips

✓ Time and schedule settings

It’s smarter than you think 

Easy Control

Take complete control of your lighting with our Magic Home Pro app. Everything you need in one kit. Available for iOS and Android. Use simple commands to control your lights. Currently compatible with Amazon Alexa, Echo, and Google Assistant.

Control Without Internet

No Wi-Fi? You can use our 24 key IR remote which comes with every order. 20 colors, brightness and speed controls, and 4 dynamic lighting modes: flash/strobe/fade/smooth.

Waterproof color changing LED strips

It can be used indoor and outdoor. Choose to have dimmable light ranging from warm to cool bright colors which can also produce rays of light in millions of colors. Soft color choices for yoga exercises in the morning or at a birthday party with family. Perfect for going from a warm, cozy setting, to cheerful and colorful, as well as any other color choice.




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