MoovyBag – Nylon


Don’t let your devices die just because you are on the move. Designed for today’s commuter and world traveler, the Moovy Bag is not just a backpack, but a smart connected backpack with a portable power station built with an intelligent battery designed to quickly and efficiently power nearly any phone, tablet, and even laptop, and a handy for when outlets aren’t an option.

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Forget about dead batteries

Power nearly any mobile devices when you need it, smartphone, tablet, laptops, anywhere anytime, with the Moovy Battery of 22,000mAh capacity. As the Power Bank is removable it makes Moovy Bags TSA approved.

Keep Charging Easy and Organized with Moovy Charging Solutions

We have designed a cable compatible with all models of tablet with Apple lightning, Micro USB and USB-C connection. The cable has a rotating head with 3 connectors.

Built-in charging solution

The Moovy Battery is directly integrated in the fabric of the bag, completely surrounded by shock-proof EVA material.
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MoovyBag – Nylon

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