✅  28 different modes and controls and 20 level intensity 

✅  4-6 hours usage 

✅  no need to press the button, it’s LED touch screen 

MASSMULATOR™ Stimulator TENS – reach muscles out wider, deeper

Ease of Use

Formed in 4 sealed reusable pads, Massmulator TENS machine is a total package for muscle-stress-free. It is effortless in pressing the button since it is an LED display touch screen, furthermore featured with a stylus pen. Deliver your optimal massage experience with 5-6 hours of usage.

Various Modes and Levels

Massmulator electrical nerve stimulator uses 28 different modes of treatment in one unit device plus massage pads. These include massage modes of tuina, acupuncture, tapping, gausha, cupping, combination, shiatus, deep tissue massage, back pain, pressure, bodybuilding, weight loss, and many more. Each mode has intensity adjustment featuring 20 different levels.

When Use TENS

You can safely use a TENS machine as often as you like. Usually for 30-60 minutes up to 4 times daily. The electrical nerve stimulator pads are normally positioned over the area of pain but other more advanced applications may often prove better. Please consult with physio for initial set up of electrode positioning.





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