MASSFIT™ Replacement Gel


A replacement gel pad for your MASSFIT™Abdominal Belt

Gel pad replacement is easy to use:

1. Take off the previous gel pad on MASSFIT™
. 2. Wipe off one side of the blue transparent film. You can choose any angle.
3. Stick the gel sheet on MASSFIT™. Smooth out the gel sheet to remove air bubbles. Peel off the other blue side transparent film.

Maintenance tips for replacement gel pads:

1. Before attaching the abs stimulating gel pads to your skin, keep your skin clean and dry. Washing your skin with soap and then drying it to improve the use and extend the life of pads is recommended.
2. Apply a few drops of water and gently wipe the surface of the absorbent gel pad to clean the dirt.
3. Completely empty the abs gel pads and place them in a well-ventilated area, so that it can air-dry with the adhesive side up.
4. Dry completely until there is no moisture on the surface. Then put the replacement abdominal stimulator electrodes back on the cardboard box.




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