Wizap™ Bloc


🔆 Coverage of 100 m²

🔆 Attracts, sucks in, and zaps

🔆 Includes accessory for hanging the product

🔆 Mains powered

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Covers an area of 100m²

Our Bloc model covers an area of 100 square meters and works equally well indoors (living room, basement, garage, restaurant…) as well as outdoors on your terrace. The power cable is 1 meter long, allowing you to place it wherever you like easily. Our Bloc comes with a chain for hanging, or you can directly mount it on a wall.

Environmentally Friendly and Safe for Children/Pets

Wizap™ Bloc contains no harmful chemicals, insecticides, or sprays; its effectiveness relies solely on the electric current from the inner grid that electrocutes mosquitoes on contact. This inner grid is protected by a non-conductive barrier to prevent accidental contact by children or pets.

Tips for Maximum Efficiency

Place the device in a dark area for optimal capture. Avoid placing the device too close to walls (maintain a minimum distance of 10cm from a wall). Position Wizap™ at approximately 1 meter above the ground.
  • Coverage of 100m²
  • Ultraviolet Technology
  • Grid with 1100V electric current
  • Effective against mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes, midges, wasps, and flies
  • 100% safe and non-toxic
  • Dimensions: 34cm width x 25cm height x 6cm depth
  • Weight: 1.1Kg
  • Voltage: 220V
  • LED Power Consumption: 7W
  • Fan Repetitions per Minute: 1800
  • Insulation Resistance: ≥500MΩ
  • Wall-mounted or suspended with the included chain
  • Powered by a wall socket (1m cable)

In the Box

  • 1 Wizap™ Bloc
  • 1 small brush


Do not attempt to touch the ultraviolet tube and the electric grid when it is operational.

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Wizap™ Bloc

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