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Wizap™ Cage is equipped with a lure that mimics the CO2 emissions exhaled by a human during the breathing process. This lure effectively attracts mosquitoes, enticing them with an odor they find appealing (anthropomorphic odor). When the bait is not in use, the mosquito lamp can still kill mosquitoes. One bait has a lifespan of 30 days depending on the usage time of Wizap Cage.


Remove the mosquito bait and use the provided needle to puncture 4 holes on the top of the mosquito bait box. All holes must be pierced, otherwise the effectiveness of the mosquito bait may be reduced. Place the mosquito bait in the designated slot on the top of the product.

Composition: Ammonium bicarbonate and lactic acid.

Please store unused baits in a cool, dry place. Dispose of the used bait in the trash at the end of its effectiveness.

Pack of 3 tablets.

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