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  • Video - Stabiliser Gimball
  • Video - Stabiliser Gimball
  • Video - Stabiliser Gimball

Snappa Gimbal stabilizer


Snappa Gimbal is a portable and handy shooting tool for anybody who wants to get a smooth and stabilized footage with one hand. Snappa gimbal is an 3-Axis Camera Gimbal stabilizer, which is specially designed for GoPro Hero 3 / 3+ /4, and is compatible with other cameras of similar size and shape.


  • Snappa’s independently developed 3-Axis stabilizing algorithm technology
    • The gimbal can effectively compensates for natural arm shake and keep smoothly the transition.
  • Optimized closed-source reliable algorithm provides stable performance.
  • Delicate designs on details provide outstanding user experience.
  • One hand control by special designed “Hero Bus” connector.
  • "Hero Bus" Connector Controls GoPro Power on/off.
  • Unique supplement LED design.
  • Functional USB port.
  • Built-in 2.4G wireless module enables wireless remote control by optional accessory “Snappa Handle”.


Charging input voltage 4.5v ~ 5.5V
Charging input current 1.0A
Tilt axis mechanical movement range 330°
Roll axis mechanical movement range 90°
Pan axis mechanical movement range 120° Handhold horizontally
330° Handhold vertically
Working temperature -10 ~ 60C
Battery model 18650 Li-Po
Battery capacity 2600Ma
Weight 295g Exclude battery and camera
Length 256mm Placed horizontally
Width 96mm Placed horizontally
Height 85mm Placed horizontally

Price :   299€