✓ Audio Therapy With Bluetooth Connection 

✓ Constant Degree Of Heat Compression 

✓ Advanced Eye Massager In Three Modes

Heat Compression

A warm compress routine in combination with ocular massage by air pressure, which are among the well-known treatments optometrists employ, helps to stimulate tear production and increase moisture to the eye. Use Masseyes for kneading, trigger points, oscillating pressure, and rhythmic tapping massage. The built-in heating pad provides a comfortable temperature of 38°C-42°C. Better in relieving eye fatigue, eye astringency, soreness, blur, dark circles, eye-puffiness, dry eyes, and many more.

Various Eyes Massage Modes

Eye massager that combines various functions of warm heat, smart air pressure, and multi-frequency vibration, adopts traditional meridian therapy combined to deeply massage acupoints that helps relieve eye fatigue, eye edema, dark circles, and dry eyes. There are three eye massage modes for your convenience.

Accurately Correspond Acupuncture Points

The design of Masseyes effectively helps you refresh after long hours of screen time by massaging acupoints. Completely relax and enjoy a better dream with fresh eyes.




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