• Innovation Micro energy lumen
  • Innovation Micro energy lumen
  • Innovation Micro energy lumen

Lumen Flash light


Lumen Flash light battery-less adopts the micro-energy harvesting technology, which converts mechanical energy into electricity. Powered by human motion, Lumen was designed for runners’ safety. When you run and thanks to your movement, the LEDs of Lumen light up without any battery.



  • Micro-energy harvester embedded, with high performance during daily motion. Energy harvesters provide a very small amount of power for low-energy electronics to light up the LEDs.
  • 6 LEDs.
  • Environment friendly, waterproof, endurable and lightweight.
  • Wear it on your shoes, belts or bags.

  • Specification

    Power Battery-less
    Light intensity 15 lm
    Size 56*32*22 mm
    Weight 28 g
    Working Temperature -40° ~60°C
    Waterproof IPX8
    Color orange, yellow, pink, green and blue

    Price :   19,90€