• Cable - Magcable Lightning
  • Cable - Magcable Lightning
  • Cable - Magcable Lightning

Magcable Lightning


We’ve all experienced the trouble of plugging or unplugging our Apple devices while driving, in the dark, or when in a hurry. MagCable is a revolutionary magnetic USB cable which makes charging easy.



  • You can connect USB cable with your iPhone easily via the magnetic connection.
  • You can detach the cable by simply bending its plug.
  • A light indicator in cable plug helps you to locate your cable in the dark easily.
  • A dust proof design prevents damages at the charging socket.
  • A charging switch on cable lets you switch between data transfer and fast charging mode easily.


  • A neodymium magnet provides magnetic power at a temperature as high as 200 degree Celsius.
  • MagCable utilizes the highest class of magnet in the industry. This ensures the stability of MagCable over other existing cables.
  • Reversible plug: either side of the plug can be connected to devices.
  • Instant charging mode switching technology: charge your phone faster by clicking the switch button to turn off the data sync.
  • Light indicator on the cable to indicate charging status and help you locate your cable in the dark.
  • Components made of copper to improve the charging speed clicking the switch button.
  • Length: 1M

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Price :

24,90€ (1 magnetic adapter)

29,90€ (2 magnetic adapters and carrying case)