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U+ Personal Cloud Wifi


U+ is the smallest wireless USB flash drive with up to 12 hours working time. It's an all-in-one wireless storage device - multimedia hub, backup storage, external charger, selfie shutter & more. Store, Access, Stream & Share video, music, photo and files wirelessly and without internet.



  • Smallest yet powerful
    • With dimension of 63 * 23.5 * 7.5mm, U+ is the smallest wireless USB flash drive.
  • 4500mAh Power Source
    • Always Keep Your Devices Charged! With 4500 mAh power and 5V/2A output voltage, U+ acts as the perfect travel companion. No need to carry a separate power bank.
  • Selfie Shutter
    • U+ also integrates with your smart device's camera to create an easy to use selfie shutter. Just hold your phone out, and click the button on U+.
  • Free up space from your smart devices
    • U+ is available with four storage capacity options: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.
  • Smooth Video Play, Happy Travels
    • Virtually no buffer time: Streaming videos from U+ has never been easier. Play all your videos in 1080P high definition. Start, stop, fast forward, rewind
  • U+ supports MP4, MOV, AVI, RMVB, MKV mainstream video play and more.
  • Even the longest trips are no problem
    • U+ has up to 20 hours standby time and up to 12 hours of continuous play/streaming time! No matter how long the trip, U+ will be by your side.
  • Easy Sharing: 5 simultaneous users/devices can view, store, save and stream data smoothly and directly from U+, at the same time.
  • No internet connection or mobile data required!
    • U+ acts like a normal USB device in that you can save and transfer information, except, U+ does it all wirelessly. Think of U+ as a super USB. This is all done by an APP via Direct Wi-Fi (device to device Wi-Fi) connection.
  • Portable & Lightweight
    • U+ weighs around 130 grams. About the size of an iPhone 6, it is small enough to fit in any handbag or jacket pocket.
  • Powerful App (both iOS & Android
    • A device with more integration with your smart devices (iOS and Android). You can browse pictures in the app, sync pictures and documents with phone storage, and watch movies without downloading or opening video in another player.
  • Easily transfer files between U+ and your smart devices. Just click, press, click and your file is transferred! Take pictures and store the pictures directly & instantly to U+.
  • Use the removable wireless USB as a normal USB drive
    • Copy, paste, delete. The USB is removable and no cord required to connect U+ and computer. Just unplug the removable USB, plug into computer or any power source and the device works. U+ is designed for convenience, mobility and simplicity.


Dimension 120*68*10mm
Weight 120g
Lithium Battery 4500mAh
Charging input voltage 5V/1A
Charging input Micro USB
Charging Output Voltage 5V/2A
Color orange, yellow, pink, green and blue
Charging output AF USB
Working time 12 hours
Standby time 20 hours
Storage Built-in Flash memory
Connection USB2.0/WiFi
Wireless Transfer Standard 802.11 b/g/n
WiFi connection range 10 meters
Operating temperature *-20°C-60°C / -68°F-140°F*
Color Black, Pink

Price :

129€ for 32Gb

149€ for 64Gb