• Video - Magconn Dash Cam
  • Video - Magconn Dash Cam
  • Video - Magconn Dash Cam

Magconn Dashcam


Magconn dashcam is multi-functional life cam for bike, black box for motorbike and surveillance camera and much more.


  • Bike mount for your outdoor activities
    • Easy attachment and detachment with magnets Camera platform provides 360 degree rotation for the perfect angle, you can charging and using simultaneously.
    • Made of high-quality plastic for a water/dust proof.
  • Wearable clip on your stylish suit
    • Magconn dashcam provides multiple options for wearing the Clip such as on a necklace or pinned on a jacket Make it easier to adopt your Magconn dashcam just attach the mount and detach.
  • Convenient charging, plus OTG function
    • Automatically positioning to the charger, you can charge your Magconn dashcam in a very simple way Charging and sync data while connecting to smart device.
    • Just snap it into docking place.
  • Play the video file convenient and easily
    • You can watch the video easily to put the Magconn dashcam on smartphone or connect OTG gender to smartphone.
  • Keep the data file simply and safety
    • You can manage the data file and play the video simply if you connect the Magconn dashcam to desktop or notebook by using OTG gender.
    • It is easy to save and move the video file you want.


Video resolution 640 * 480 (VGA)
Video Format AVI etc
Audio resolution 8kHz, 128kpbs mono
Frame 15~30 fps
Field of view 70 ̊~90 ̊
Memory 16GB
Voice Recording Available
Running time Minimum 2 hours
Indictor LED(Charging, Video recording Standby
Current Consumption Approx. 80mA
Battery Capacity Approx. 200mAh
Operating temperature 0°-40°C
Weight 16g
Dimension 35(D) x 16(T) mm
  • Water & Dust proof / No button / on attaching it operates

  • Price :   79€