MAGCABLE 2in1– Magnetic charging cable for USB-C + MICRO USB


1X Magnetic tip USB-C
1X Magnetic tip Micro USB
Lenght 1 meter


    2 connectors to fit all 2 types of main connectors today for all mobile phones, tablets and USB devices: Micro USB and latest USB-C
  • REVERSIBLE USB PORT: innovative double-sided USB port simplifies the connection for the usb cable; Plug and unplug easily without checking for the connector orientation
  • PROTECTION: protect your phone from dust. The connectors tips will protect your phone port from dust and dirt entering. By leaving the tip in there, it will also extend the life of your phone port from the normal wear and tear of cables being inserted and pulled out on a daily basis.
  • EASY TO USE: You can connect with one hand. Led light makes it easy to find in the dark. Length 1 meter.
  • DURABLE WIRE: Rugged fabric interior with soft TPE housing ensure the Long Term use. The aluminum housing and copper alloy flat wires ensure the tangle-free.

Price :  24,90€